Solutions and Services

Fields related to social infra-structure

Keyware provides solutions consistent with customer requirements in social infrastructure related fields such as public agencies, transportation, telecommunication, media, financial services, networks, and extraterrestrial applications.

Development of systems for revenue and fee management

Keyware’s expertise in transportation operations includes fare collection, train station revenue administration, settlement with other train lines, and IC card operations, among others. Keyware has been providing a diversity of corporations with proposals for management-strategic systems based on Keyware’s expertise in train-station revenue management and IC card operations.

ITS traffic management systems and traffic bureau traveler information systems

Keyware can draw on its accumulated expertise in overwhelmingly public traffic systems such as new traffic management systems and train operation information network systems. Also, Keyware has operations expertise in passengers-related information systems including train approaching status displays, destination guide displays as well as train seat reservation system.

Mass media related solutions

Keyware has expertise relevant to unusual business types and has realized systems for complex operations that fall out of the ordinary, such as the automatic allocation of newspaper adverts and the dissemination of news from reporters’ handsets in the mass media industry where speed and accuracy are of the essence.

Customer management system and calculation of communication charges system for network operators

Keyware has operations expertise in areas such as communication data for fixed phones (NTT) and mobile phones, packet communication data, customer management, rate management, billing administration, collection administration, and linkage to backbone systems.

En-route Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Monitoring control management system

Keyware has been developing systems for the monitoring and control of nationwide social infrastructure networks such as rail, road, and air transportation and other types of public transportation, as well as mobile telecommunications. Keyware has been engaged in systems development to enable total status assessment, management, and the running of operations in an accurate and prompt manner while minimizing the work load on operators.

Medical Services Solutions

Based on electronic medical ordering and electronic medical record systems, Keyware offers a complete line-up ranging from the various medical services divisions (i.e., examination, nutrition, medical professions) to clinic management analysis systems, and in this way helps to speed up and raise the efficiency of hospital administration and the enhancement of hospital management.

Fields related to business process

Keyware provides solutions and services that contribute to solving a diversity of problems encountered by corporations.

Various Solution Services

For solving corporate problems Keyware provides solution services using the latest technology and various types of packaged software implemented through a series of cycles from IT strategy planning based on the client’s management strategy to IT introduction, construction, and operation.

Productivity Improvement Consulting

Keyware offers the “Productivity Improvement Consulting Service VSC,” which is a method that directly removes low value-added operations from current operations and dynamically rearranges them into higher value-added operations.

ERP Solution

Keyware has a track record of numerous backbone systems centered on customers in manufacturing and processing, services, and commerce. Using optimal packages for customer operations, Keyware provides integrated services covering the width from introduction proposal to system creation and operation.

Fields of service provision

Keyware provides diverse service formats consistent with customer requirements and usage situations.

Cloud-based provision of solution packages

Keyware provides various cloud-based solutions such as the Transit Advertising System Cloud which enables the integrated management of transit advertising media and enhances operating efficiency. Compared with in-house created systems, the introduction of our solutions is possible in a short period of time and at a low cost, and enables checks on running costs.

Healthcare Solutions

Keyware offers the “Personal Health Record Solution LifeRoute” solution, which records and manages individual health information (body temperature, weight, blood pressure, number of steps, etc.), centering on local governments and companies engaged in health improvement.

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