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Top Message Regarding CSR

I sincerely hope for the well-being of all those infected by the novel coronavirus and their close ones.I also wish for their swift recovery and a speedy conclusion to this pandemic.

CSR at the Keyware Group

At the Keyware Group, we have defined our role in society as "to use information technology rich in creativity to provide solutions that exceed customer demands, help customers realize dreams and ideals, and contribute to development of a prosperous society."Our basic stance on CSR is that it is our social responsibility to provide a reliable suite of optimal products and services that ensure safety and peace of mind and to aim to achieve a sustainable society through our businesses.

In order to provide IT solutions and services in response to the needs of customers and society and to further our growth as a corporation, we consider it essential to preserve the financial health and transparency of our business and to promote conscientious business activities, while striving to maintain active communication with our diverse group of stakeholders.So that every employee properly understands our role and how we are to contribute to society and puts this understanding into practice, we have established a clear statement of our mode of thinking as the CSR Policy.We establish specific annual targets, track the results, and implement a PDCA cycle based on this CSR Policy.In particular, we conduct ongoing education/training and employee events so that company employees can take the initiative to solve social issues and create or propose new businesses that can solve social issues.In this year, it has been challenging to hold events due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, many employees were able to proactively join efforts for local cleaning activities and blood donations.In addition, more employees than ever participated in various donation activities, such as JICA.

In addition to practicing compliance, we must never allow a situation to occur in which our customers incur damage as a result of system problems or security incidents that are our fault.We are involved in the development of information systems that support social infrastructure in various fields, including government administration, transportation, communications, finance, medical care, distribution, and manufacturing, so we have to maintain constant awareness in order to respond in the event of an emergency.For that reason, we provide employees with various education and self-development programs related to information security and compliance.

Toward realizing a new normal for work styles

The most important management resource for IT companies is "people."We believe that the mental and physical health of our employees and their leading of full public and private lives are important elements to allow us to provide our customers with optimal products and services and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society, so we promote health management and achievement of a work-life balance.

In July 2019, Keyware Solutions received official certification as a company with superior health promotion infrastructure (Silver Certification). Furthermore, we were recognized for two years running (2020 and 2021) in the large enterprise category of Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations.In September 2019, we received certification as a "Childcare Support Company" from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and acquired the "Kurumin" next-generation certification mark.

We have established frameworks to enable flexible work styles allowing employees to balance child care, eldercare, and nursing with their work duties, and promotes IT and workplace environments that stimulate communication and streamline work.In order to mitigate the risks of the current novel coronavirus pandemic and secure the health and safety of employees and their families, we implemented telework for all officers and employees and have been able to execute operations without confusion.We will utilize the knowledge gained from this experience to realize a work style for the new normal.

We will not only simply build the system, but also conduct multiple training sessions and seminars to support employee career formation.It was difficult to hold these sessions normally last year. However, we were able to conduct new hire training and career improvement training as in previous years by leveraging methods such as online seminars.

We will continue to build an environment where employees can engage in diverse work styles that consider work-life balance to allow them to work lively, as well as take efforts to support employee career development.

Contributions to a sustainable society

We aim to be a company leveraging the individuality and promoting the capabilities of its employees to contribute through its operations to the advancement of society and to serve as customers' indispensable partner in the provision of enhanced value.

Today, the use of ICT extends to every aspect of daily life, including education and agriculture.ICT has established itself as a critically important resource in dealing with the diverse issues facing society.As we move forward under the creative vision embodied in our corporate slogan of "IT can create it," the Keyware Group will pursue the unlimited possibilities of IT, thereby creating new value and broadly offering it to society.Delivering high-quality products and services is important, but so is the process of providing them to the customer.We are working to ensure thorough compliance in all processes and engage in reliable project management as we continually pursue and promote cutting-edge technology.Through each and every employees sympathizing with the idea of SDGs and further increasing their awareness of realizing a sustainable society, we will earn the trust of our stakeholders and make further efforts to become a company expected to grow.

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